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Sachin Tendulkar about his father Ramesh Tendulkar

My father had a very affable disposition Being the eldest in his family, he was a friend and guide to many in the extended family. On several occasions, people would come to him for advice on a variety of issues and at other times to seek help in solving difficult problems. All through this, I never once saw him get unduly worked up, upset or angry. Even today, as I look back I cannot recall an incident where I have seen him get really angry at someone or something As I close my eyes and conjure up an image of his, it is of a man with a soft smile on a relaxed and serene face.

He wasn’t the kind of person who would sit me down and tell me stories about behavior or preach platitudes. My observation of his daily life and the way he approached it was my education There was one thing though that he specifically told me which has proven to be the bedrock of my life. One evening he said. “Son, life is like a book It has numerous chapters. It also has many a lesson in it. It is made up of a wide variety of experiences and resembles a pendulum where success and failure, joy and sorrow are merely extremes of the central reality. The lessons to be learnt from success and failure are equally important. More often than not, failure and sorrow is a bigger teacher than success and happiness.”

“You are a cricketer and sportsman. You are fortunate to be representing your country and that is a great honor. But never forget that this too is just another chapter in the book. Typically let’s say a person lives for 70 years or so. How many years will you play the sport? 20 years, if you are very good, maybe even 25 years. Even by that yardstick, you will live the majority of your years outside the sphere of your professional sport. This clearly means that there is more to life than cricket. I am asking you, son, to keep a pleasant disposition and maintain a balanced nature. Do not allow success to breed arrogance in you. If you remain humble, people will give you love and respect even after you have finished with the game. As a parent, I would be happier hearing people say, ‘Sachin is a good human being’ more than ‘Sachin is a great cricketer’, any day”

Thus far I have tried my best to live up to my Baba’s advice

and will endeavor to continue to do so for the rest of my life!

Sachin Tendulkar in his own words when he first saw Vinod Kambli

Memories from my schooldays are firmly imprinted in my mind. Those numerous matches, the vigorous practice sessions under the watchful eye of Prof. Achrekar – they seem so fresh in the mind’s eye. It was probably around 1985, when I was about twelve years old, that I noticed a new kid at the nets one day. He was dark complexioned and oddly dressed in shiny clothes. I realised that this left-hander batted with a natural poise and grace which could only have been a God-given gift. His free stroke play and carefree approach to the game was a treat to behold for most of us. It was a shock for us to learn that this lad came in everyday from Kanjurmarg (a place which meant an hour long train ride each way) for practice. We marvelled at his dedication His name was Vinod Kambli.

It wasn’t long before that he became an integral part of our ‘gang’. Prof. Achrekar got Vinod to seek admission at my school Sharadashram. It was as if an unstated competition had been announced between Vinod and me for playing big innings in school cricket. I will happily concede that building a partnership with him at the other end was great fun. I am told that as we went about building those huge partnerships, we were often referred to as ‘Santaji – Dhanaji’ (a famous pair of Military Generals who served Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior king). Opposing teams in school cricket were petrified of playing against our school based on the reputation the two of us had built.

In one particular Harris Shield game versus St. Xaviers in February 1988, we had lost a couple of wickets with 64 runs on the board when the two of us arrived at the wicket. Both of us realized that the pitch was a belter and we started middling the ball with ease. In no time, we both got hundreds. Realizing that these kinds of opportunities don’t come too often, we decided to put our heads down and bat through the day. Both of us got double-hundreds and we had by then put on an over 400-run partnership to steer the team into a commanding position.

At the time, Prof. Achrekar worked for the State Bank of India. On the third morning of the game, he called in to check how many wickets had fallen. On being told that Vinod and Sachin were still going strong and the innings had not been declared, he got onto his scooter and made his way to the ground. As soon as he arrived, he signaled vigorously for us to declare the innings. Vinod, being a smart cookie, had noticed Achrekar Sir’s arrival at the ground. I hadn’t. Between overs, he would so engineer things that we were standing with our backs to the pavilion, thus making it appear that we had not seen him. Finally, an exasperated Sir yelled out. Are you boys getting back in here, or do I have to come onto the ground and drag you out?”. We reluctantly declared the innings at 748 runs for 2 wickets, and with some amount of disappointment walked off the pitch. Vinod had made 349 n.o. and I had made 325 n.o. This partnership of 664 runs remained a record in school cricket for about eighteen years. Needless to say we won the match after bowling St. Xavier’s out for 154, with Vinod taking 6 of those wickets!

Sachin Tendular in his own words about Tennis elbow and how it affected his life

During the 2004 tri-series in Holland, I started experiencing pain in my right elbow. Within the short duration of that tournament this became unbearable and subsequently I had to withdraw from the impending Champion’s Trophy tournament in England. I was subjected to innumerable medical tests and the diagnosis was that I had ‘tennis elbow which is a very painful inflammation of the tendons of the outer elbow from strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm.

This seemingly innocuous injury was painful beyond my wildest imagination. Just the effort of picking up a cup of tea would cause tremendous agony. After a lot of discussions it became apparent that the only option was surgery.  Consequently, I flew to England to have my elbow operated upon. After a short period of post-operative care, all of us returned home to Mumbai. Even though I had undergone surgery the course of the recovery and the impact that it might have on my game was something no one had been able to guarantee. The uncertainty of it all was agonizing. The mere thought of not being able to pick up a bat again was like a death warrantl


My mother was invoking every God’s blessing that she could think of Anjali would often see my tense- and morose look and say, “Sachin, you will be fine. You have the good wishes and prayers of millions behind you. You will soon be fit and fine and get back on the pitch.”






8 Simple steps to save your daily expenses

  1. Save on your daily expenses. Setting apart 50 pence an twenty-four hours across the course of action by an yr will allow for you to bring through about forty percent from an five hundred dollar exigency savings.

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  1. Hold back course of your expending. At least once in a month, use charge card, checking, and other records to brush up what you have bought. And then, call for yourself whenever it adds up to reapportion a few of these expending to a exigency savings account.


  1. Never buy costly items on urge. Chew over from each costly purchase for at least twenty-four hours. Following up on these rationale will mean you accept far less regrets about urge purchases, and far-off a lot income for exigency savings.


  1. Utilize debit and charge card providentially. To minimize interest bills, try out to confine charge card buys to those you are able to buy off fully at the conclusion of the month.


  1. Whenever you exercise a debit card, do not rely upon a overdraft feature to expend money you do not bear. On either approach path, you will consume a lot of income useable for exigency savings.

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  1. Are you anticipating a good formula to lay down a budget? Commencement upon the 1st day of a fresh month, acquire a receipt for everything you buy. Stack and brush up receipts at the end of the month, and you will understandably be capable to ascertain wherever your income is extending. It makes up to exercise preventative dental attention, because an beneficial cleansing function aids foreclose fillings, root canals, and dental crowns, which is high-priced and no amusing.


  1. Most people do not chase what they expend and could not actualize once expenses add together to a higher degree their budget could cover. To get along course of what you expend, frame what you believe you had better expend for the month about conveyance, nutrient, amusement, and so forth. into encloses. These will assist you avert purchasing things you do not need, and what’s left over could come in keeping.


  1. Capitalize on discount rates and/or incentive plans offered through with your employer. For instance, whenever the company you work on for offers up discounted values for selling computing devices, Gym memberships, film tickets and passes to winter or Christmas time festivals, capitalize! Check into your corporate intranet or speak to your HR to get the best deals.



Parking of vehicles for people who come to Usman road has always been a problem. But that’s not going to be for a long time. Thanks to the corporation of Chennai.

Paid parking usman road

They have come up with a clear plan to regulate traffic and parking in Chennai and it certainly has climbed to another level.  The plan is to bring up paid parking lots for cars and motorcycles where now unauthorized shops are being placed on the service roads. If everything is going well, Parking lots should be up and running by August of 2014. A expected date and a service worth paying for.